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well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. breaking news. we begin with breaking news from the east bay. the crews are still out there battling a fire at the evergreen refinery plant in new ark. cal social security social security is watching the -- sal castanedo is watching the traffic. allie rasmus has more from the scene. >> reporter: the fire has been
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contained of they are still working on getting out all of the flames. if we zoom out, we can show you where the fence is to the evergreen oil company. that's where this explosion and subsequent fire happened. they have us cordoned -- cordened off here. we can see a haze in the air. that's left over from the explosion and the fire. we do have newschopper2 overhead who can give us an aerial view. there was heavy smoke out there and a large emergency presence out here. we just talked with a plant manager who explained what happened. the plant manager says what happened was an equipment failure on a piece of equipment called a heat exchanger. the heat exchanger failed, that resulted in a fire and that
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fire caused hydrochloric acid to be released. they say there's no cause for alarm because that was all contained in the containment center in the refinery. one employee was injured, had an injury to his arm. he was transferred to the hospital. when it comes to some of the concerns about some of the hazardous materials here and some of the hazardous materials that could be in the smoke. we're told by alameda county there's no evacuation order or no shelter-in-place order. if we turn around, you can see a lot of residents. this oil refinery is right next to residential neighborhoods. so all morning we've been seeing neighbors come out and observe. there are no evacuation orders in place. no shelter-in-place order and this residential area, people who live around here should not be concerned. but this is definitely having
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an impact on traffic. let's take it to sal castanedo. >> all right. some of the traffic in new ark has been affected. new-- newark has been affected. the good news, interstate 880 and highway 84 another are not affected. some of the treats -- highway 84 are not affect. we've had some tweets coming in saying, other than hearing all of the activity in the neighborhood, nothing's been smelled, from the people who have tweeted us, anyway. there are some inconveniences to traffic. some other businesses have not been let in. again, this is not having a may major effect on the freeway.
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stay tuned. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. sunny skies are in the forecast this week but rain- soaked hillsides are continuing to pose problems all across the bay area this morning with several landslides being reported. we have team coverage on those slides. ktvu's jade hernandez is in morgan hill, where a community is cut off. we'll hear from jade a little bit later but first we go to kraig debro in hercules where some homes have been evacuated and red tagged. >> reporter: good morning, tori. four homes red tagged. they stuck a pipe in the hillside. look how much watter is coming out. that's a constant flow of water. down the street, you can see the amount of water coming out from not ownly the hillside from pipes but look at that. look at that waterflow just underneath the garage door. this is one of four homes red tagged. the hillsides behind the homes are sliding into the holes.
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i was able to see some of that by looking around the yard earlier this morning. i could see some earth moving faster and faster against the home. it was coming closer and closer i should say. just yesterday, a handful of homes were yellow tagged and today, the city is supposed to come out here with crews to set up barricades to assess the total destruction of the homes. it's not clear if they can be saved. some already are damaged. there's been foundation problems. there's been windows blown out in some homes. tonight, they are gonna have a possible emergency deck larration by the -- deck larration by the city council. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you,. residents in a westmoreland
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hill neighborhood are trapped after a mudslide trapped them. these are live pictures. the entire mountainside is across the road, including about seven 200-foot redwood trees. jade hernandez is at the end of the closed road and will join us in about a half an hour with pictures of the mudslide. 7:05. in oakland overnight fire and sparks, right there. those force the chp to shut down the 23rd offramp from 880 this morning around 1:00. now, oakland firefighters quickly responded and put out the fire. we can tell you that 23rd avenue offramp is back open again this morning. pg&e crews in san francisco pulled an all-nighter. there's some video we shot a couple of hours ago. workers are still out there fixing a faulty electrical cable that caused an explosion in the very busy union square shopping center yesterday
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morning. that explosion blew a manhole cover 15 feet in the air. luckily, no one was hurt. thed about's perjury trial resumes -- the barry bonds 'perjury trial resumes. and prosecutors will call jason giambi. he's expected to testify that he received steroids from bonds's former trainer, greg anderson. yesterday, kimberly bell spent most of the time on the witness stand and said he con fenced to her 245 he -- confessed to her that he was just one of many baseball players succeeding with the steroids. she also testified that bonds was getting more and more aggressive and threatening. she said he told her once "he said he could cut my head off and leave me in a ditch."
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you can get updates on the bonds's case any time by going to our channel 2 website. go to the home page at 7:07. sal's watching our entire commute, including what's happening around the toll plaza. >> that's right. a lot of people always want to know what's going on there. today it's not bad. it's a moderate delay westbound coming into san francisco. it's backed up to about maybe the middle of the old parking lot there. not even in all of the lanes. i think we're having a pretty good day there coming into the city. there haven't been any major accidents on that stream getting to the bay bridge. that's very nice. also, the morning commute is going to be okay on interstate 880 here in oakland. monday and -- northbound and southbound, the last couple of days we have had a couple of on obstructed days. there are some minor detours
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for people taking washington avenue. but it hasn't caused a big slowdown. 101 and 280 freeways are still doing pretty well. let's go to steve. thank you. sunshine, filtered clouds. that will be the forecast today. yesterday, we had mostly sunny skies. we'll start off with a lot of clouds but still, high pressure is trying to nose in. tomorrow, it will really try to kick in. we have the high clouds to deal with today. 40s and 50s on the morning lows. by noon, clouds and sunday. 60 to 70, mostly sunny. baseball at the coliseum, 7:50. should be mostly clear by game time, once inside it should be just nice and good. temperatures in oakland today, 46. at noon, we'll go 44 and then 64 for a high today.
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those higher clouds, associated with a weak system but they are still coming down out of the northwest of the it's the high- pressure system behind -- system. >> partly cloudy, mostly sunny by the afternoon. once that piece of the energy goes by, this looks impressive. but it's going way to the north because the high is building in in a big way. so warmer weather is on tap. very gradually, monday and tuesday. but then we might be flirting with upper 70s. a little warmer. maybe a few more clouds towards
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the north. berkeley 64. oakland, 64. sanrafael at 66 and for san jose, 68. some low 70s, right at 70. morgan hill,gy gilroy, santa rosa, danville pleasanton, all near 68. losgatos, saratoga, 68. tomorrow everything looks good to go for sunshine and warmer weather. very warm on thursday. possible highs near 80 for the highs. friday should be about same and then we cool it down for the weekend. happening now in washington, d.c., a congressional hearing is underway on the nuclear disaster in japan. senate and natural resources committee is gathering information on the current situation at the damaged nuclear plant and its implications for nuclear safety in the u.s. and in japan, the officials there wall the situation very grave after confirming that
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highly toxic plutonium is seeking from the plant. plant operators say the amount of the pleau toneium is not a -- plutonium is not a risk to humans. but it's evidence that there is a leakage from the facility. hitting a wall, what libyan rebels have been stopped. a muslim civil rights hear something going on right now in washington, d.c. we'll find out about the testimony by a member of the san francisco-based group.
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good morning. we'll have lows in the 40s and then more clouds in the morning and then fewer in the afternoon. tomorrow mid- to upper 70s are possible. in libya today, government troops drove back an assault of rebel sources on moammar gadhafi's town. this comes after several easy days of opposition. they were outgunned by government troops at the entrance to search moammar gadhafi's home town. moments ago, secretary of state, hillary clinton, speaking in london said military action in libya will continue until gadhafi relents. scott macfarland is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with all of the details. scott? >> reporter: secretary clinton,
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part of a world summit on libya in london right now. let's go right to the most recent footage from london to secretary of state meeting with, among other people, nato leaders. nato has formerly taken control of the air strikes and no-ply zone over libya -- no-fly zone over libya. >> president obama expressed his full confidence that this coalition will keep the pressure on gadhafi's remaining forces. i second that confidence. >> reporter: libyan rebel leaders met with secretary clinton before the summit began to talk about what to do and who should be in charge should moammar gadhafi flee libya. back to you. >> thank you. >> we're also hear that u.s. planes are being used to drop propaganda leaf let's, to broadcast messages and also
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broadcast leaflets below. the message they are giving troops, stop fighting and go home. 7:16. right now, a hearing is taking place on capitol hill looking into discrimination against muslims in the u.s. in a panel this moving, a member from a group called muslim advocates will testify about hate crimes against muslims which the group says has more than quadrupled in the last ten years. 7:17. happening right now in washington, d.c., the u.s. supreme court hearing argue mountains on a -- arguments on a gender discrimination case that's been ten years in the making. arguments started a couple of minutes ago at 7:00 a.m., in the case involving walmart and six women accusing walmart of preferring male employees than women at the stores. the high court court must
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decide now if this should can be given class-action status. a woman from concord is one of the plaintiffs. also later today, the city of -- the city of san francisco could become the first city in the nation to take away those phobe books that you get on your doorstep. the board of supervisors is expected to vote restricting delivery to the phone books to ownly people who personally ask for them. supporters say the move would protect the environment. but some business leaders argue this will hurt companies that advertise in the phone books. san francisco police are trying to track down burglars in an unusual jewelry store heist. they say genesis jewelry on 23rdest in the miss district of san francisco was broken into sometime friday evening or early saturday morning. this is new video shot. police i -- police say the criminals got into ajewel -- got into the jewelry store by
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breaking into a farmers insurance next door. police are examenning the surveillance tape. the stolen jewelry is worth about $250,000. there's new information about the newspaper bomb that seriously injured a man. the vallejo "times" herald identifies the injured man as jose sanchez. police say he was hurt when he picked up a plastic bag containing a bomb wrapped in a newspaper. it was on the lawn of his next door neighbor. the public utilities commission reached a settlement of $3 million yesterday. they held a hearing to see if pg&e should be held in contempt for failing to provide all of its documents after the san bruno explosion. pg&e says they've collected
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thousands of documents describing the pipelines and are looking for more. firefighters in san carlos have offered to take a 10% pay cut to help the city zeal with the budget challenges. sancarlos city officials recently voted to stop sharing fire services with nearby belmont after 30 years of doing it. a judge is siding with the city of oakland. this one involves the police and the city's public safety parcel tax. a woman from oakland first sued thezy over measure y back in 2008. she claims the city illegally collected parcel taxes, even though police staffing had shrunk. although, the judge has tentatively said the city has done everything possible to
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correct the problem. super model nikki taylor has a check for the mayor. but he's too busy to accept it. she will be on and today for the "we hear you america." a representative from mayor lee will be onhand to receive the $1,000 check. and kate middleton is celebrating the end of her days as a single lady. her bachelor party was a low- key affair, othersed by her sister, her maid of honor, and its big wedding april 29th -- and the -- and the big wedding, april 29th. coming up next, we're bridging you coverage of the fire at the east way -- bringing you coverage of the
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fire at an east bay refinery. good morning. westbound 24, traffic looking good. coming up to the tunnel.
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we're still following breaking news from the east bay. look at this. this is live newschopper2 flying over newark. crews have now contained that early-morning fire we've been watching this morning. now, as he pushes in, newschopper2 pushes in, we can tell you this fire started at about 5:30 this morning. >> the plant's locate at cherry and smith. we're on the ground as well. allie rasmus is on the right side of your screen there. on the ground, you see traffic still moving by, but the area is well patrolled and blocked off. we have an confirmed that a plant -- we've confirmed that a plant worker, at least one, was
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hurt. we're also heard reports that there was a release of hydrochloric acid. we have not heard about a shelter-in-place order given or evacuation or any other injuries. as of right now, several roads are blocked off. investigators are -- investigators are continuing to investigate what caused this. a live report coming up from allie rasmus in about eight minutes. and sal is watching the commute. >> one of the things we've been watching -- we've been watching this reninery thing -- refinery thing has not affected the freeways which is good. the bay bridge traffic, that traffic is moving along relatively well. there's a delay, of course. but we haven't had any major problems there. if you are driving on 880 heading south, 880 southbound
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heading at 238. that ramp is partially closed. fortunately, they've had one lane open. it really has not caused a big delay. we're fortunate for that. 208 northbound, that traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. mostly sunny, partly cloudy. we have a band of high clouds coming by. they continue to drift down towards the northwest. but after today all signs point to warmer weather and sunshine. today we have to deal with some of that and we also have to deal with baseball at the coliseum. that's at 7:05 tonight. it looks mostly clear. i think most of those clouds will be gone by this evening. breezy on the outside. temperatures will end up in the low 50s. our high pressure is associated with a weak system. most of it is falling athe a. but the -- falling apart. yesterday, santa rosa and napa,
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both 47. redwood city, 44. after today that system looks good but it's heading up to vancouver and seattle and way away from northern california. so fair skies today. that's a combination of the clouds. tomorrow and into thursday, we may be talking about record heat. probably not tomorrow but thursday when we get some upper 70s and low 80s. even mild to warm on friday and we have to cool it down on the weekend, just back in the os. - - back in the 60s. a live update on the fire at an east bay recycling plant. >> reporter: good morning. i'm jade hernandez. a mudslide in morgan hill has cut off one small community. we have a live report for you -- straight ahead. also -- the string of powerful spring storms we have had took a real bad toll on one bay area community. devastating floods and mudslides that have now led to
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an emergency meeting tonight. blah
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we are live in newark near cherry and smith avenue, just several hundred feet away from the evergreen oil refinery, where an explosion and subsequent fire happened around 5:30 this morning. now, even though this happened two hours ago, there's still a
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large emergency personnel presence out here. we're standing on the other side of the street. police are keeping us beyond the flares you aring looing at. if we zoom beyond that, you can see there's an ambulance off in the distance, along with other emergency personnel. we've confirmed one employee was injured in the fire. a plant manager says that employee was transported to the hospital with an injury to his arm, although the manager was not able to tell us the extent of that man's injuries. newschopper2 was overhead, 90 minutes ago showing you the aerial view of the plant. at one point, this was a two- alarm fire. it's been contained. we're waiting for an update from the plant's p.i.o. he's supposed to come out here in about another ten minutes from now. we're gonna get some more information from ill. early this morning after it happened, we talked to an employee who said she was inside the refinery around 5:30 this morning when she heard and felt a loud boom.
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>> and that alarm went off, well, the purse, my jacket, my key, left it all. out of there! >> reporter: that employee was one of 20 people working inside. now, the company does have an alarm system, an emergency alert system. we talked to the a plant anger who was on duty who explain -- we talked to the plant manager who explained what happened. that was an equipment failure and when that happened, it triggered a fire and led to the release of some hydrochloric acid inside the plant. however, the plant manager said the hydrochloric acid was retained to the inside of the refinery. so officials and the plant say there's no risk of fumes, smoke or other chemical exposure to any of the people who live nearby. there's still a large police presence out here. traffic on some of the streets nearby this refinery may be affected. no evacuation orders were issued and there was no shelter-
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in-place order on the other side of where we're standing. there is a large residential area. so a little bit while -- so a little while ago there were people who came out to make sure everybody was okay. right now, evergreen oil refinery and crews have people inside the building trying to find out why that piece of equipment failed. we're expecting to get an update from public information officers about ten minutes from now. live in newark allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. some morgan hill residents are trapped by a mudslide that's closed the ownly road that leads to and from their homes. jade hernandez has more details on what's happening. good morning, jade. >> reporter: we're actually closer to the side than we initially thought. just past the barricades and the small doser, you would see this up close. downed pourlines and a wall of
7:34 am
mud. -- downed pour lines and a -- powerlines and a wall of mud. the santa clara road department received a report about the mudslide sunday morning, around 8:00. authorities say about 100 to 150 members of the small swedish american community is trapped, since the road is inaccessible to visitors. no one was hurt. we just spoke to a man who lives within a few miles of this area and came to check out progress. >> it was pretty massive. it will be a long time before they can move that mud off. i came up here on sunday and it was further up the hill than that. and there are other trees that have come down. since they have moved the mud off the road, that means other mud will come down behind it.
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>> reporter: according to the man you just heard from, this area received 3 inches of rain in just one day. so this mudslide, although not expected was definitely not a surprise for residents in and around this area. he did tell us that that small swedish community has access through the backway of -- through the back way of this road but ownly four-wheel drive vehicles can get through that area. but he says that not many people who live back there are able to get out. but he did say he's seen that community survive and thrive when things like this happen. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 7:35. well, the santa cruz county board of supervisors holds an emergency session tonight. it's a response to a week of devastating rains, flooding and mudslides across the country. the board will vote on declaring a local state of emergency and asking for financial help from the state
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and of the federal government. a long list of problems includes disastrous flooding in capitola and that big mudslide in scotts valley. in san pablo, the board will vote on a state of emergency proclamation there. the vote comes after a landslide last friday between wipen street and hill -- wipen street and hill -- wyman street and hillyet road. officials are also working on setting up a fund to help some of those homeowners affected. emergency repairs will continue today in san mateo county after a 30-foot section of road washed away over the weekend. it happened this past saturday on woodridge road in hillsborough. the repairs have forced the road to be closed. it's still not clear when it will reopen. they estimate repairs can cost as much as $70,000. the chp will be examining a runaway dump truck for
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mechanical defects. officers believe the truck lost its brakes dread when it careened out of control across tiburon boulevard and went end over end in richardson bay. the driver suffered a bump on the head and was able to escape when the front windshield popped out. police said it was quite remarkable no one else was hurt. antioch police believe a madele school art keacher -- middle school art teacher has fled to mexico in order to prevent from being arrested. police say charles redmond inappropriately touched one of his students at park middle school. he was also accused of making lewd comments to the 8th grade boy. they say redmond vanished last week after police interviewed him. police say they responded to a call about parked cars blocking margarita drive and they say they -- and they stay
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they discovered a raucous -- ruckus party going on. they say tables were flipped over, garbage covered the floor and-to-ers -- teenagers were in various stages of intoxication. testimony continues in the chauncey bailey trial. on the stand yesterday, broussard started laughing yesterday after he described that man try to run away when he saw broussard level his assault rifle at him. police say their morale in has lowered. tonight, the san jose city council will consider toughening the dog leash laws.
7:39 am
the new law would require no longer long leashes. this leash proposal came after a fatal accident two years ago, where one woman -- one woman lost her life after getting tangled up in her leash. they are looking for someone who shot and killed three sheep at a vineyard in sebastopol. six other sheep are missing. a vineyard owner rented out the area. people there say it's a violation of their lifestyle, saying you just don't tamper with other people's rife style. you don't want to tamper
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either with their commute. let's go to sal. >> we're doing pretty well out there. i'm on twitter if you want to find me there and pass along any information that i will pass along to our viewers. highway 4, westbound, pretty slow here as you come up on the willow pass grade, it's been slow in antioch. but this morning, it's slow as you come up too bay point and stays that way up to concord. westbound bay bridge traffic is backed up bussier than it was about a half hour ago. it's about a 15-minute wit -- it's about a 15-minute traffic. nimitz freeway stop and go, past 84 and heading on down to milpitas. once again, the plant fire that we had at the evergreen facility is not affecting highway 84 or interstate 880.
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7:40. let's go to steve. wu -- thank you, sal. spweather to our twitter viewers. people are going to go out and enjoy the weather. today's forecast, higher clouds up above. not too bad. but 40s and 50s. some clouds. 46 to 64. by this evening, 60 to 70 degrees under mostly sunny skies. we also have baseball tonight. that would be the giants and the as and mostly sunny, partly cloudy, mostly clear, nice, temperatures, though, in the mid-50s and ending up in the low 50s. 64degrees for oakland on a high today. we'll go 54 at noon. temperatures each day here we're keeping autopsy -- creeping up a little bit. 40s with a lot of high clouds over us. you can see where the clouds are coming down. rain has made it into the
7:42 am
pacific northwest. we're just seeing the higher clouds but that's pre-- preventing the lows from dipping in the 30s. low 40, mid 40s to upper 40s along the coast. livermore starting off at 42. we'll end up at 60 at noon and 68 for a high today. again, a lot of high clouds. mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies. but once this system goes by and that's about it, the next one is even tracking further to the north. low 60s, mid-60s closer to the coast and bay and then upper 60s or low 70s. i might just be a little ahead of myself. no doubt about it.
7:43 am
we get warmer temperatures. it looks like a cooldown for the weekend. >> thank you, steve. governor jerry brown is expected to -- expected to lift california's drought emergency tomorrow. it was declared by former governor schwarzenegger in 2009 after three dry so sons. it's not clear what effect, if any, this will have on farms and cities. but the reason for this is obvious, heavy rains and prolific thunderstorms. the schwarzenegger emergency order called for water sen -- conservation and to provide assist tans to those -- assist hans to those affected by the -- says siftance to those -- by the assistance to those affected by the drought.
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investors keeping a close eye on important economic data, that includes home prices which continue to fall in most major u.s. cities. the latist case schiller index show houses sold for 1% less in january than they did in december. it's the sixth consecutive month home values fell. the news is especially bad in atlanta, las vegas, detroit and cleveland, where homes are worth less than they were 11 years. california cities are faring better than most with price declines slowing. and also within the last hour, we've learned that consumer confidence is down. the index fell from 72 last month to 63.4. the decline reverses five straight months of improvement.
7:47 am
a reading of 90 indicates a healthy economy. the consumer confidence index has not been near that since the recession began in september of 2007. 7:46. oakland police busy now, searching for suspects in a drive-by shooting. this happened on nay street about 12:45 this morning. take a look at this video of the victim. the victim was shot three times, if we have that video. right there. shot three times. this is the victim being rolled into the hospital early today. we did check with the hospital. we don't have an update on his condition. there's also no word from police about a vehicle seen fleeing the scene. well, dozens of oakland police officers may be on their way out of town. ktvu's pam cook joining us from our newsroom with details about the reasons why. pam? >> well, morale is down. that's what we're hearing from oakland police officers this
7:48 am
morning. oakland police chief, anthony batts, has scheduled a news conference for 11:00 this morning. now, he's expected to publicly respond to the growing number of complaints of low morale in his department. even some veteran officers say they've never seen it this bad. police union blames faulty radios, their police chief's try for a new job in san jose, and officers leaving the department to work somewhere else. >> i would not be surprised if we had 50 to 100 police officers thinking about leaving laterally, outside of their police agencies. the union says oakland police are overworked and understaffed and that the 662 officers is only about half of what the city should have. the mayor's office tells us here at ktvu that the city is currently in labor negotiations with the police union so commenting on staffing issues would not be appropriate.
7:49 am
now, one woman tells us here that while officers were responding to her call for help after being assaulted, they were called away to a shooting before they could even finish her police report, which she says was never filed. the union says there are areas that go unstaffed every night. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook, let's go back to tori. 7:48. a san jose police officer is recovering after a hit-and-run crash. investigators say officer craten suffered head and neck injuries when he was thrown from his motorcycle. he turned on his lights to pull over a car, when another car turned in front of him and stopped. creighton's motorcycle ran into the car. that driver left the scene. the car is described as a lit blue honda accord made between 2004 and 2006. anyone with information is asked to call police. after more than 20 years in
7:50 am
prison, maurice caldwell woke up a free man today. now, yesterday at 5:00 p.m., mr. caldwell was released from the san francisco county jail after a judge offturned his murder conviction. he was convicted of second- degree murder for the shooting death of judy acosta in june of 19 0. now, after two decades in jail, a nevada inmate confessed to the crime and more people came forward. >> i feel bad for the loss after all of these years. they thought they had justice. >> now, prosecutors in this case were hoping for a retrial but some of the original evidence was destroyed by the courts. prosecutors may consider an appeal. as for maurice caldwell. he says he just wants to move on with his life. authorities in southern california shut down a house that had been serving as a
7:51 am
maternity ward. why women pay tens of thousands of dollars just to stay there. also, the huge response at this month's apple event known for big product announcements like the iphone.
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7:53 am
federal officials are trying to figure out what caused a small hole in the side of a u.s. airways jet. the pilot discovered the hole into a mandatory pre-flight inspection. the flight flew to charlotte, north carolina. there were no problem reported during the flight but the plane was taken out of service and passengers were rebooked. in southern california, authorities shut down a house that they say was catering towards maternity tourists. for months, neighbors noticed a
7:54 am
lot of young women going into the house. it's reported that they spent thousands of dollars to deliver the babies, making them automatically citizen. science now confirming what a lot of people know, heartbreak really does hurt. researchers at the university of michigan say the same brain network activated by the pain of a burn are also activated when people feel very intense, emotional rain. they say the study raises very interesting questions about whether the physical pain can help relieve emotional pain. there is an escalating turf war in san jose and the sharks shame is caught in the middle. sanjose police say gang members are wearing sharks colors and jerseys to represent their ties to the city.
7:55 am
police say there have been shootings and gang violence. now, some san jose schools are considering banning students from wearing the team's jerseys and hats. if you are hoping to attend the apple event known for big product announcement, you're out of luck. tickets sold out within hours of going on -- of going on sale yesterday. this year's conference will start on june 6th at san francisco's moscone center. that's where apple is expected to discuss the future. it's not clear if they will discuss a new iphone. good morning, sal. >> good morning. let's go outside. i want to show you that traffic is going to be busy in some area. southbound 880 just got word of an accident at auto mall parkway. a lot of people drive from
7:56 am
heyward and fremont go down to auto mall. also this morning, out to the bay bridge that traffic has improved getting into san francisco. also this morning's commute in marin county, southbound 101 driving down from terra linda. it looks like there's a minor accident on shoulder. for the most part, the traffic is not all that bad getting -- heading down to san rafael. a little sun mixed in with higher -- higher clouds. tomorrow they will really move out fast. we'll be much warmer as we head into thursday, maybe record highs. a lot of high clouds. that will takes the edge off. it should be midwestly clear. 56 at game time. a little breeze outside the stadium. once inside, it should be nice. we do have that system that's moving into the north. that's spinning in some of these higher clouds. they will be there most of the day. but by tomorrow, they will
7:57 am
start to clear out pretty rapidly. even with high pressure building in. we're in the 40s now. mid-40s. not much of a difference between coast bay and inland temperatures. we'll be protected and that means warmer weather is protected. fair skies, 60s for many. tomorrow, though, everybody points to sunshine and warmer weather. upper 70s, maybe even lower 80s. about the same friday and then we cool it down as we go into the weekend. it's the story we've been following closery for the past two hours.
7:58 am
what pg&e just told us about this early-morning fire at a well-known refinery in the east bay. we have had a break in the pain but there are new storm problems. a crumbling hillside threatening east bay homes. barry bonds due back in court. ed about. the ore big-named star who takes the witness stand today.
7:59 am
8:00 am
crews battle an early- morning fire at a well-known refinery. why the fire made a lot of people nervous. >> reporter: what the city of hercules is going to try to do today with homes that were red tagged. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. >> it's tuesday, march 29th. we begin with developing news from the east bay. crews have now contained an
8:01 am
early-morning fire at the evergreen oil refinery in newark. hese-- these are live pictures. one plant work he was injured. there's been no shelter-in- place order or evacuations. several roads are still blocked. pg&e is still trying to figure out if they had any involvement near the plant fire. investigators are blaming equipment vailure for this -- failure for this fire. allie rasmus is on the scene. she'll join us for a live update at 8:30. 8:01. well, in oakland overnight, fire and sparks right there on a powerful -- the chp had to close down the 23rd offramp from 880 this morning about 1:00 a.m. look at those pictures --
8:02 am
pickets. oakland police responded quickly and put out the fire. and we can tell you that the 23rd offramp is back open. pg&e crews in san francisco pulled an all-nighter. this was video shot a couple of hours ago. workers are still repairing a faulty electrical cable that caused an explosion in the union square shopping district yesterday. a manhole cover blew 15 feet in the air. no one was hurt. rain-soaked hillsides are continuing to close problems across the -- pose problems across the bay area. we have live team coverage on the slides. ktvu's jade hernandez is in morgan hill, where a community is cut off. we'll get to her in a moment. but first we start with kraig debro where some homes have been evacuated and red tagged. youtube been showing as you lot of damage out there. >> reporter: yes, good morning. i just talked with city officials and he says three of the four homes red tagged will
8:03 am
have to come down either on their own or by the owner's instruction. john mcguire will join nemo with the city of hercules -- will join me now with the city of hercules. what did you see this. >> i went to check the nearbiest home, it looked like it's moved another six inches. all the windows are cracking out, the -- it's listing badly enough that it will either go over on its own or we'll have to take it down. >> reporter: any other homes do you figure will be red tagged an how many -- and how many more? what about the yellow tagged ones add. >> we're not sure which way the slide is gonna go. there's subterrainian slide, it's about 120 feet, a rotational slide, and then a surface slide coming down in a
8:04 am
few different directions. so the homes yellow tagged, just as a precaution, we don't want people in their sleeping at night. this could sneak up on them. in two, this hill slid and this home -- this used to be a home right here where this empty lot is. the kill came up underneath it and the city had to take down. >> reporter: the city coyne will get together on whether or not to declare an emergency. back to you. >> thank you, kraig. 8:04. landslides are also a problem in morgan hill. some of the residents there have been trapped as a -- as a mudslide has blocked the ownly access road. >> reporter: jade hernandez is live out there with the latest. jade? >> reporter: within the past hour, he spoke -- we spoke to a
8:05 am
man who lives nearby. although the mudslide was not expected, it definitely was not a surprise. that mudslide is just past that bulldozer you see there. if you get past the bulldozer, what would you -- what you would see is downed powerlines. at the end of the road is the park here in morgan hill. no one is sure when the slide happened but the santa rosa department received a report about the mudslide sunday morning around 8:00. >> i want to see what kind of progress was made. there are people who are living up there. they can get out. they have to have a good four- wheel drive to get o there are roads that go way into the mountains. about any sedan can do it.
8:06 am
>> reporter: you can see where some trees have been cut. we independence no one was hurt during slide -- we understand no one was hurt during the slide. we also understand that pg&e was the first out here to repair the power lines. back to you. >> thank you, jade. 8:05. turning now to the barry bonds's perjury trial. barry bonds is expected to arrive at the courthouse any minute now. an athlete well known in the bay area is expected to take the witness stand. prosecutors will jason giambi. he's expected to testify he received steroids from greg anderson. yesterday, bonds's former girlfriend, kimberly bell, spent most of the day on the witness stand. she testified that bode told her he was just one of -- bonds told her he was just one of many who were taking steroids.
8:07 am
she also testified about the drastic changes she saw on barry bonds's body and doctors say this is inclusive of steroid use. she said barry bonds told her "he said he would cut my head off and leave me in a ditch." you can get updates from the barry bonds's trial at 8:07 is the time. we want to check in again with sal. traffic may be an issue because of the baseball game. >> yes. the giants and as play. let's take a look at the south bay. for the most part, the heaviest freeway between 08 and 180 and 85 is slow in cupertino. if you are driving on 880
8:08 am
southbound, the traffic is going to be busy approaching fremont at the site of a couple of earlier crashes moved to the shoulder. the as and the giants play tonight at 7:00 05 at the oakland coliseum. for game two of the three-game bay area series. i want to, if i can, bricks you up the control -- bringing up the control -- ask the guys to bring up monument there. one of the towers. there it is. newschopper2 so -- 2 is showing us some pretty busy traffic here. if you are driving on 880 north and south, anywhere from highway 2 you are in for kind of a slow one. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have higher clouds up above. but tomorrow, tomorrow, i mean, everything is -- we're ready to
8:09 am
go. tomorrow, it will be buncy and -- sunny and warmer. higher clouds, 40 -- forth to 50. we'll go 60 to 70. mostly sunny by this afternoon. baseball, as sal just mentioneds, 75, it should be mostly clear. you are used to that. but inside it should be just fine. 56 at game time temperature. downtown oakland started off at 46. 54 at noon. 64degrees. we see a little bit of light rain up towards eureka. ron up in crescent city has had about .13.
8:10 am
there's still some rain in extreme northern california. almost started off at -- livermore started off at 42. 68 for the livermore valley. for the jet stream it's gone to the north and it will continue to march northward. there is a lot of moisture up there. fair skies today. mild temperatures. a few more clouds towards the north bay. low 60s. sausalito, 62. novato, 66. petaluma, 67. 67 clearlake to 68 fairfield and napa.
8:11 am
our five-day forecast, sunny and warmer weather on wednesday. possible record highs on sunday. slight cool down but still really nice on friday. and then we bring clouds in and cooler temperatures by the weekend. happening right now -- in washington, d.c., this is a live shot. this is a congressional hearing about the nuclear disaster in japan testimony is aing as we expect. now, the senate energy and natural resources community is gathering information on what's happening at the damaged nuclear power plant and the implications for u.s. nuclear plants. today in japan, nuclear officials called the situation there very grave. >> they confirmed that highly
8:12 am
toxic plutonium is seeping into the damaged plant. they say the plutonium is not a risk to the americans but evidence of the leakage from the plant. a bay area woman's case against walmart is now in front of the u.s. supreme court and what the high court must decide. also -- secretary of state, hillary clinton, is meeting in london with representatives of 40 other nations. and kate middleton, saying goodbye to being a single lady. how she's spending her final days before becoming a princess.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning we'll pull out and zoom out and see some sun on the bay. there are some higher temperatures. just heard from rachel on a tweet she said 58ish in the mission district. you're close. one degree away. tomorrow, sunny and warmer with mid-70s. >> pretty picture. today in libya, government troops rappeled on moammar gadhafi's hometown. those rebels were hit by rockets and were forced to retreat this comes after days
8:16 am
of pretty easy opposition. right now, world leaders are gathered in london discussing a possible exit plan for libyan leader, moammar gadhafi. samantha hayes is live in washington, d.c. to explain the specific message hillary clinton is making to the group. samantha? >> reporter: well, tori, one of the things that we're watching for when these leaders gather today is they're talking about how to move forcely -- more forcefully execute that no-fly zone that was passed and also how to get humanitarian aid to the rebels and to other people who may need it, as so many of these battles continue in these have teamic cities. i a -- strategic cities. president obama last night defended u.s.'s involvement and said it was in the u.s.'s
8:17 am
interest to protect the libyan rebels from a mass acker at the hands of their own government. he also said that nato will take full control of the military mission on wednesday. this is something you will hear hillary clinton, the secretary of state, talk about as well. as for moammar gadhafi, he echoed words from the u.n. and nay co-officials saying that regime change by force would be a mistake and the sole purpose of the mission is to protect civilians. >> there's no question that libya and the world would be better off with gadhafi out of power. i, along with many other world leaders, have embraced that goal and will actively pursue it through nonmilitary means. but broadening our mission to include regime change would be a mistake. >> reporter: critics of the president's words say this is still unclear how long the u.s. is going to be involved and to
8:18 am
what extent and hue does the u.s. and other countries measure success in libya. those are questions about how we hope to have a better idea about how they will be answered today and perhaps from the secretary of state, hillary clinton, herself. back to you. >> samantha heys. thank you. we're also hearing the u.s. planes are being used to droop propaganda over libya. military officials say the planes are being used to drop messages and leaflets to the government on the ground. the message they are giving the troops, refuse to obey moammar gadhafi's orders and stop fighting and go home. 8:18. live in washington, there's a hearing, this hearing, on capitol hill, investigating discrimination against muslims in the united states. now, there is obviously testimony taking place. this morning a representative from a san francisco-based group called "muslim advocates" will be testifying about hate
8:19 am
crimes against muslims, which they say has more than draw dupled in the last ten years. -- more than quadrupled. in the last ten years. arguments started about an hour ago in the walmart case. and the six women of accusing walmart of preferring male employees over women. the high court must decide if the suit can be given class- action status. a concord woman is one of the six plaintiffs in the case. in a few hours, san francisco could take away the phone books that people receive on their phone books. the board is scheduled to vote at 2:00 this afternoon on a proposal restricting delivery to the books to ownly the people who ask for one.
8:20 am
new details this morning about a jewelry store robbery in san francisco last weekend. police say genesis jewelry on 23rd street in the mission district was robbed sometime friday evening or early saturday morning. police say -- police say the thieves broke into a business next door and then ran through an adjoining door into that jewelry store. the owners say the thieves stole $about 250,000 worth of diamond rings and assorted jewelry. unfortunately, they were not insured. police say the burglars avoided by being on the surveillance cameras by crawling on their hands and niece. sunday's explosion left its mark outside of a home on cash old drive. >> "the herald" identified the woman as jose sanchez zarko. he was hurt when he picked up a
8:21 am
plastic bag containing a bomb wrapped inside of a sunday paper. federal investigators say there's evidence this was a random act. 8:20. the state attorney's office says a $3 -- says a $3 million fine against pg&e is not enough. the public utilities commission reached that settle went with pg&e. they held a hearing yesterday to determine if the utility should be held in contempt for failing to provide all of the documents after the -- documents on safety after the explosion last september. she's the bride-to-be. like her fiance, prince william, kate's bachelorette party was a low-key affair. just a couple of friends. the tort was organized by her sister, pippa, who will be her
8:22 am
identify maid of honor. >> it's actually a month from today. it will be at 3:00 a.m. our time. how many people will be up to watch it. the fire at an east bay refinery and the concern over chemicals. and barry bonds just arrived in court in san francisco. for another big day in his perjury trial. good morning. right now, traffic is a little bit slow on 680 heading down to the fremont area. some people may be tempted to jump into that pay lane. we'll tell you more about the rest of the morning drive to work straight ahead.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:256789 we're still following developing news -- 8:25. we're still following developing news from san francisco. and barry bonds just arrived a at the federal courthouse. a couple of minutes ago, he went in. testimony is expected to start
8:26 am
in a couple of minutes. today an athlete very well known here in the bay area is expected to take the witness -- expected to take the witness stand. prosecutors will call jason giambi. he's expected to testify he received steroids from greg anderson. all right. and we'll continue to follow that story throughout the day. but first we want to check in with sal for for an update on the commute -- with sal for an update on the commute. we have some slow traffic on the bridges. now the bay bridge has improved. richmond bridge, a small delay. on the golden gate bridge, it's light. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. higher cloud the out there -- higher clouds out there. today, a combination of the higher clouds will give way to
8:27 am
mostly clear skies. 56 at game time. by tomorrow we'll be warner for the day game. the higher clouds coming up right there just from the -- from the northwest. in fact, temperatures in the 40s this morning. giving way to 50s, 60s and maybe a 70 or so later on. if we can get enough of these clouds to thin out. but after that, that next system was going so far to the south, that we'll be on the end of it. slightly warm he, but look for mid-60s, low 60s for some. march is going out like a lambmy. but a very warm one. possibility of -- possibility of record heat. why police believe a teacher on the run is now south of the border. and allie rasmus will have
8:28 am
an update on this morning's early-morning fire that happened at this east bay refinery in newark -- newark.
8:29 am
8:30 am
the crews have contained the fire at that refinery. allie rasmus is still at the scene. what do you know now? >> reporter: we've moved closer to where this fire happened, around 5:30. we can't show you the area that was bushed from the ground where we're standing. but we can tell you that it's over off in the direction.
8:31 am
the evergreen company is a company that recycles and reuse -- reuses automotive oil. this fire started around 5:30. there's another concern we're learning about. earlier we saw a coast guard helicopter flying ahead. and that's because this area sits near a drainage canal that goes right out to the bay. if we move over a little bit, there is a drainage canal. off in the distance you can see a work crew and there were a few more people out there siphoning out some stuff out of that drainage canal that goes out into the bay. we've been told they siphoned
8:32 am
out foam. the refinery has been fined ten times by the city in the past several years, it's reported. we also spoke to a neighbor out here who came to tell us that she and other people in the neighborhood have complained about the smell and odor released by the refinery and i can smell it myself. it smells like gasoline. city manager, john becker, says evergreen oil could face another fine again after this latest incident this morning. >> we need to get to the bottom of what actually caused this fire. and-- >> could they face more fines because of what happened this morning? >> there's a possibility yes. >> reporter: now, the plant manager said equipment failure caused the fire. shortly after this fire started -- happened, even though there was a lot of smoke being released in the area, hazmat teams presented that smoke did
8:33 am
not present a hazard to people who live in the area. there was one plant employee who was injured when this fire happened. he was taken to the hospital. we don't know the extent of the injuries. we're gonna continue to bring you more information on the news at noon. live in newark, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> by the way, this isn't the first fire at the plant. firefighters last may responded to a fire in the heat stack. flames burned about 90 minutes before firefighters got it under control. antioch police believe a middle school art teacher has fled to mexico to avoid he a officers were looking into allegations that 63-year-old charles redmond had inappropriately touched one of his students at park middle school. police say redmond vanished
8:34 am
shortly after officers interviewed hill. a san rafael mother is accused of vite lag -- of violating a social otherdy for hosting a drunken bash for teenagers. officers got complaints about cars blocking driveways. instead police say tables why over-- yore turned and garbage covered the floor and teenagers were in various stages of intoxication. the killer of chancecy bailer is expected back for more testimony today. yesterday, he said he was ordered -- he said yesterday bey ordered him to call bailey. and on the witness yesterday, broussard started leaving as he talked about that man driving -- trying to run away when he
8:35 am
saw -- when he saw him pointing that pistol at him. after tonight, san jose dog owners might have to keep their pets on a shorter leash. tonight, the city council will consider a law requiring leashes that are used on city sidewalks to be no longer than six feet. repeat offenders could face fines up to $00. this comes after an accident that killed one woman. 61-year-old barely head fell after hitting her skull. police are looking for the person who shot and killed three people at a vineyard in sebastopol -- sebastopol. six other sheep are missing. according to "the press democrat" peopleny area say
8:36 am
it's a violation of their lifestyle that you just don't tamper with other people's life stock. tomorrow governor brown is connected to lift california a drought emergency. it was declared by former governor schwarzenegger in 2009 after three very dry seasons. it's not clear what effect, if any, the lifting -- the lit of the -- the lifting of that order. a safeway store just reeached after heavy snow on the roof was removed. the grocery store was temporarily evacuated. they actually closed it yesterday morning fearing the roof might collapse after two weeks of storms, a lot of snow accumulated on the roofs. it caused a roof chance at a
8:37 am
bowling alley saturday while several other businesses were dealing with their roof sagging, including that safeway story. happening right now, in washington, d.c., the u.s. supreme court is now considering a gender discrimination case involving walmart. these are live pictures of a press conference that is happening outside the courthouse and argument just wrapped up in the case, that involves the big box retailer and six women who accused the company of preferring male employees. its-- the high hurt will decide if the suit can be given class action status. a concord woman is one of six in the case. >> the implications is if they get a -- if they give it class action status, they may add a million people or more to that
8:38 am
law, yes. let's check in with sal. are you still watching 880, stall? >> that's rye. it's still busy heading up north. it's pretty busy at the coliseum. although it's improving a little bit. a reminder, today is game two of the series between the giants and as. it will be at the coliseum tonight at 7:00. if you are driving by there tonight, you might see some activity. the best way to get there is b.a.r.t. which stops right by the coliseum. this is westbound 92. no imagine -- no major problems out to highway 101. this is a look at the south bay, where the heaviest traffic, again, is on the 101 but that's improving. 280 is a little bit slow near 17. but 85 has been pretty good. i just wanted to mention in danville there is a new accident in front of sycamore
8:39 am
valley. starting tomorrow, i was just -- i was just looking, the temperature 81 set back in 1900. so the possibility of impressive records are looming for tomorrow and thursday. today, a lot of high clouds. some sun mixed in. just a little bit. sunshine definitely warmer and thursday looks to be the day where a possibility of record heat is possible. some of the records are in the mid- to upper 80s. it might be a little tough, it will be near 80 to low and mid- 80s if possible 0 by thursday. tonight, game time temperature is 56 degrees. a lot of those higher clouds will be thinking out by then. there's plenty over ruse note
8:40 am
-- over us right now. not much left of the system. there's still light rain falling towards crescent city. livermore, 44. sanfrancisco, officially 49. but it's probably 50 where you are, if you are in the city. mountain view, 48. good-looking moisture up there but boy, is it driving northward, the high is building in, i -- i mean in a big way. today it's gradual. warmer weather to start to bring the temperature back you. but tomorrow until thursday we will be looking at -- looking at possible record highs. anywhere from 62 to about 68 from sausalito to clearlake and napa and fairfield. 70 andty okay/brentwood. 64 berkeley. 63 alameda.
8:41 am
6 santa clara and cupertino with saratoga 68. not much difference on the peninsula. along the coast 60s. tomorrow, though, that's when we go warmer. friday looks about as nice. we start a cooldown. more of a westerly breeze and weak front and clouds. it's 20 minutes now before 9:00. fewer police officers on the streets of oakland. >> when you lay off 80 officers, it absolutely has an imback on the rest of the -- impact on the rest of the department. and also a cancer survivor found a very unusual way to use old, unused medicine. how she's using it to pay her doctor bills.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
at least one worker was hurt in this early-morning fire. ktvu. the-- ktvu was the first station to bring you this coverage. the coast guard is concerned
8:45 am
about nearby waters close to the plant. we'll bring you a live update on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon on this story. also this -- the 23rd avenue offramp from interstate 80 in oakland reopened after this power pole caught fire. incredible pictures. a lot of sparks. oakland firefighters quickly responded. they put the fire out. and testimony is underway right now in barry bonds's perjury trial. ed about arrived in court just about 30 minutes ago. today prosecutors will fall former oakland as superstar, jason giambi, he is expected to testify he received steroids from barry bonds's former trainer, greg anderson. oakland police are searching for suspects in a drive-by shooting. it happened on nay street around 12:45 this morning. this is video we received this morning. actually, this is a map of the area where the incident happened. the victim was shot three times and arrived in the hospital. we checked with the hospital
8:46 am
and there are no updays on -- updates on his condition. police are not releasing details about the vehicle that was seen leaving the area. morale at the oakland police department is at the lowest level that some oakland veteran officers have ever seen. pam cook is in the newsroom with comments from officers. >> well, the police union says there are several reasons why morale is down. but topping the list is the officers on the, the number of them on the street. now, the 662 officers, the mayor says, are doing the job of what should be 1200 officers and there are many areas of oakland that go unstaffed every night. one woman told us here at ktvu that she was assaulted at a local restaurant. but when officers responded to the scene, they had to quickly leave for a shooting before a report was ever filed.
8:47 am
>> they say sorry, they had to attend a sooting. that's all i heard -- shooting. that's all i heard from them. no callback or anything. >> now, the unions say the layoffs are -- the head of the union is saying layoff of officers is definitely having an impact and he adds the number of six days taken by oakland police officers has doubled in the past two years. now, police chief batts has scheduled a news conference for 11:00 this morring and he's expected to publicly respond to the growing number of complaints about that low morale in the department. reporting live in the newsroom, back to you. >> thank you, pam. a san jose police officer's recovering after a hit-and-run crash. avenues say officer creighton suffered head and -- authorities say officer creighton suffered head and neck injuries after trying to
8:48 am
pull over a car, when another car turned in front of him and stopped. creighton's motorcycle then ran into the car. the driver left the scene. the car is described as a light blue honda accord made between 2004 and 2006. anyone with any information is asked to call san jose police. a florida teenaged girl is facing charges after being use accused of attacking her mother for a car. the lee county sheriff's office says it happened this past week when the 17-year-old pistol- whipped her mom and forced her to drive to a car dealership. the mother did not want to press charges because the 17- year-old has been accepted at several ivy league schools. a er has been found guilty on five of seven felony unt does for detonating pipe bombs at his high school. alex ander youshock set off the bombs at hillsdale high school
8:49 am
in august of 2009. the jury found him guilty including the attempted murder of his former chemistry teacher. the jury deadlocked on the other two. they will continue deliberations on those today. a second phase of the trial still has to be helled to determine youshock's sanity. 8:48. well, investors are closely watching other important economic reports that just came out, that includes home prices which continue to follow in most major u.s. cities. now, the latest case schiller index shows houses sold for 1% less in january than that he did in december. this is the sixth straight that home values fell. the news is bad in atlanta, las vegas, detroit, cleveland. the homes are now worth less than they were 11 years ago. california cities are faring lower than most with prices declining a little bit. and we found out that consumer confidence is down.
8:50 am
the interdecks fell from 72 last month to -- the index fell from 72 last month to 64. a reading of 90 is an indication of a healthy economy. the consumer confidence index hasn't been near that since the reseth started december of 2 -- recession started december of 2007. a san francisco supervisor is expected to introduce legislation today to keep technology companies from leaving san francisco. sanfrancisco's tax code may make it hard for them to say. a southern california cancer survivor is using some
8:51 am
artistic injunety to pay off her -- injen outty to pay off her cancer bills. she says she went from underinsured to uninsured during her seven-years of treatment. >> very ingenious. >> yes. >> and beautiful? >> yes. a local mother who wants to make her 8-year-old daughter a star says she's using botox and body wax to make that happen. how a pilot discovered there was a hole in this jet shortly before it was scheduled for takeoff.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
welcome back. this morning, federal officials want to know what caused a small hole in the side of this u.s. airways jet. the pilot found the hole during the preflight inspection. this plane had just flown into charlotte, north carolina from philadelphia early in the day. no problems were reported. but the plane was taken out of service, passengers, you see them there, were rebooked onto other flights. 8:54. in southern california, authorities have shut down a house they say was catering to what's called maternity tourists. for months, neighbors said they know physicalled a lot of young, pregnant chinese women going into the house. the women paid tens of
8:55 am
thousands of dollars to have their baby delivered in the u.s. because then they would be automatic citizens. science is confirming what many people already know that heartbreak really does hurt. researchers at the university of michigan say the same brain networks that are activated by the pain of a burn are also activated when people feel intense emotional pain. they say the study raises interesting questions about whether the treatment of physical pain can also relieve emotional pain. a san francisco woman is defending herself because she injects her 8-year-old daughter with botox. according to "the sun," kerry campbell injects her daughter with botox to help her compete in beauty pageants. she said what she's doing will help her daughter become a star. by the way, she also takes her daughter to get her body waxed. the apple event known for
8:56 am
hess big product announcements, once again, proving to be very popular. tickets to the worldwide developers conference sold out within hours after going on sale yesterday. this year's conference will begin january 6th in san francisco's moscone center. that's where apple is expected to announce the future of its operating system. it's not clear if apple will announce a new ipad as they've done in years past. 8:55. today's ticket toes day winners will -- tuesday will get to is see "cats" at the or sheium theater on -- oreim theater. go to ktvu before midnight, scroll down to the secret password and put in "meow." let's -- let's see what sam
8:57 am
sees in the commute -- sal sees in the commute. >> you will see slow traffic coming out of 80. this morning's commute on interstate 880 northbound, you can see some slow traffic here coming up to the coliseum. when you get to the bay bridge -- by the way, i want to mention we're looking at at the toll plaza. tomorrow is another game of the bay bridge series. even if you're not a nan, you shouldn't aware that a lot of people will be going to the coliseum tonight. game number 2, 7:05 start. if you drive by the coliseum this afternoon, you will see people showing up. the best thick too do, take -- the best thing to do, take public transportation. we have higher clouds. but temperatures continue to creep up. a few upper 60s. tomorrow we jump it up. much warmer by thursday and maybe even some record heat. we would have to get around 82 to 86 to accomplish that.
8:58 am
i just went 80. >> okay. >> to say it's on its way. and friday looks mostly sunny. cooler by the weekend. >> are we done with the rain? >> we'll see rain come back in april. but i would be shocked if anything came back like we had last week. 21 days out of march for rain. >> that was a lot of rain. we need the break. that will do it for us, everybody. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
8:59 am

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